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FREE 5 Day Life Transformation Plan For Women Over 50

How To Lose
Weight Realistically

So You Age In Excellence 

Monday 11th January to Friday 15th January

  • Break-free From Habits Around Food, Social Drinking, Medication And Self Sabotage
  • ​Put A Stop To Tummy Bloating and Start Shredding Stubborn Hormonal Weight
  • Recognise When Excuses Are Taking Over Action
  • Learn How Menopause Doesn't Have To Be A Curse
  • ​Gain The Toned, Strong, Energised Body That Skyrockets Your Confidence 
  • ​Redesign You Life So You Live Above The Wellness Line

A Realistic Transformational Blueprint To Implement Immediately

Monday 11th January to Friday 15th January

Take Control Of Your Habits,
Health And Hormones
Start Shredding Excess Fat
With My Proven Strategies....

These Ladies Have Done it... So Can You!!

"I'm so happy I decided to follow Louise’s training. It's changed my life. I just feel fantastic.

Louise’s program has taught me to eat only when I’m hungry, eat enough to be satisfied, and to make exercise a daily activity, not only to look good, but to feel energised and strong."

" It's just a matter of doing deciding to break old habits, be prepared to be uncomfortable while you set new positive habits, and making a positive decision to stop making excuses as to why you can't do this" 

I understand great health and fitness is a journey. It's one road I'm staying on forever.

"I can't believe the difference in my body since I started exercising and eating correctly.  Oh, I must also mention the increase in energy in such a short time. Way to go Louise Skeen.

For anyone thinking to work with Louise, let me tell you, you can do this." 
I cant believe how much I learned about hormones, health and fitness from following Louise's program.

Any woman can break bad habits... if she wants to!

I feel happier within myself. Thank you Louise for your support

Monday 11 To Friday 15 January

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 Please understand results differ between all women.  Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, current health,  your fitness, how you follow the program, and personal commitment. . If you're not willing to accept the above, please DO NOT take part in this training.
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